About Square Seven

Welcome to Square Seven property management, a global marketplace connecting international property buyers to a global pool of developers. With economic growth being largely driven by property markets, we were determined to leverage cutting-edge technologies to equip property seekers and investors with a set of user-friendly tools to aid their property search and execution decisions and reduce related risks.
In a data-driven economy, we believe in the need of collating and transforming data to empower buyers and owners to make critical, transparent and informed property investment decisions aided by reliable, accurate and timely analyses. Through our continuously evolving system we equip buyers and investors with interactive communication channels to explore exclusive properties, access industry news and authoritative analyses, utilise seamless cutting-edge technologies and benefit from our property valuation and management services..
To deliver on our promise, we went to great lengths to deliver a world of potential where buyers can contract and execute their property transaction over our highly secured platform, get live property valuation and advice on investment decisions. We optimised the complete value chain by hiring and retaining the best talents, partnering with trustable property developers and collaborating with top industry corporations.
At Square Seven, we constantly innovate, look beyond set boundaries, and strategically invest in and shape the future. We keep an ear to the ground and an eye towards the future to go where others won't.
Square Seven is owned by Seeders Capital for Property and Trade Services.
Our Vision
We will provide superior service quality that will curate, simplify, continuously improve & guide world’s property seekers & developers investment decisions’ using user friendly technologies. As a result, our users & partners will reward us with leadership profits allowing us to further give back to the community in which we work.
Our Values
We constantly monitor & anticipate market and user dynamics to lead and impact change.
Together, we embrace teamwork and cognitive diversity to eliminate customer problems.
We are open, honest, and respectful at all times ensuring our reputation remains intact.
Enhancing the Host
We view our providers & customers as partners, our continuous quest is to deliver outstanding value for both.